The Story of Astree

Leather goods, the passion of a lifetime

Ever since she was little, Astrée has already had a special relationship with the bag, its function in our lives and leather craftsmanship. Child of divorced parents, she brought her bag everywhere, which was like her secret garden in which she carefully kept her essentials.

True story: at only 12 years old, she knew how to differentiate a branded bag from a counterfeit.

Parisian designer of luxury leather goods for urban women and dogs, elegant and modular accessories

Leather goods accessories represent daily companions for her that bring a feeling of security. For Astrée, the bag is an uninhibited object that goes to everyone, to all shapes and sizes, which gives it its beauty and generosity. 


The creation of ASTRÉParisian designer of luxury leather goods for urban women and dogs, elegant and modular accessories

At the end of her last experience at Givenchy, she felt it was time to embark on her dream and create her own brand. After months of preparation, ASTRÉ Paris finally saw the light of day in February 2018.

The creation of ASTRÉ Paris came from our designer's desire to create bags reflecting her vision of a new leather goods. She created ASTRÉ on her own, which was a real challenge because she attaches great importance to sharing ideas and supporting a team, but her dream was finally coming true.


Astrée is a very dynamic person, on the move from morning to evening, and she could not find accessories that could evolve according to her days and desires. She was then inspired by her environment and her urban life to imagine a 100% modular and hybrid collection, allowing freedom of movement to the women who wear it. She likes clean designs, fun accessories that you can play with and that fit like a second skin.

Parisian duo of a luxury leather goods designer and her giant dogFinally, one of her main inspirations is her dog Pietra, with whom she walks the streets of Paris, in parks, always looking for the perfect combination of practicality and elegance.

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