The story of Astrée and Odin

Odin and Astrée, A meeting, Love at first sight

7 years ago, when Astrée had a very intense life working for luxury houses, she accidentally met Odin. She knew nothing about the bond that could unite a human and a dog, but it was like love at first sight, obvious. Odin, Bernese mountain dog, little ball of fur barely two months old. A meeting that marked a turning point in Astrée's life, a new life that begins for her.
Parisian duo, urban life leather goods for women and dogs.

Their Parisian life

Astrée has lived in the 19th arrondissement of Paris for many years and Odin was quickly adopted by the whole neighborhood. Giant dog, he did not go unnoticed. Ultra sociable, he connected with everyone he met. He quickly adapted to Parisian life, to the metro he loved to take, to long walks along the Canal de l'Ourcq. Odin was a real connection figure, the neighborhood mascot.

Odin has allowed Astrée to make wonderful encounters with her neighbours, the owners of businesses in her neighborhood, in particular the owner of her favorite café, the Paname Brewing Company, who has even named a beer tank with the image of Odin. . Thanks to him, Astrée met people she might never have known and who are now friends for life.
Parisian giant dog, inspiration for luxury dog ​​accessories

Unconditional love, daily support

In 7 years, Odin has given her a lot: unconditional love, balance, well-being and support. This fusional and unique relationship is a new way of life for Astrée. He also taught her a lot: that dogs are unifying elements in our lives, that they bring joy and peace, that they are sometimes more human than we ourselves are and that love has no limit and that is what matters most.

Odin, a source of inspiration

When Astrée decided it was time to make her dream of creating ASTRÉ a reality, Odin was present at every stage of the construction of the brand, in Italy in the workshops, at every event and customer meeting. He was a full member of the team, one of the pillars of the project. He was his inspiration so strong that he was at the center of the birth of a beautiful project in the image of their bond and their Parisian life, the Le Dog line.Parisian giant dog, luxury dog ​​accessories

A story without end

Last summer, after 7 beautiful years of happiness and unconditional love, Odin passed away following a devastating cancer... It was an extremely painful period for Astrée and her husband because Odin was their first child, their first sight of a family. He left 3 months before the launch of Le Dog, the culmination of the project he inspired. Astrée suffered enormously from it but wished to honor it by going to the end of the project which binds them for life.

Pietra, Astrée's rescue dog

After a lot of sadness, Astrée realized that it was impossible for her to no longer have this special love that we share with a dog. Last August on the road to Italy, to pick up the first Le Dog collection, she crossed paths with Pietra. A young Landseer who helped him through this difficult period and to pursue his heart project Le Dog.Parisian giant dog, luxury accessories for urban dogs

Their new Parisian life

Since their meeting, Astrée and Pietra have never left each other. She becomes the new inspiration of Astrée and the new mascot of the 19th arrondissement. Pietra is a very calm giant dog and a real belly on his legs. Like Odin, she accompanies her mistress daily in her professional and personal life.Urban duo, luxury leather goods for Parisian women and dogs duos

Outside the confinement period, you can find them almost every day on the Canal de l'Ourcq or in their favorite bar, the Paname Brewing Company. Pietra never leaves Astrée and accompanies her every day to the showroom.

Moreover, if you wish, you are welcome in our showroom to meet our mascot, chat with Astrée and discover our collections. As in their neighborhood, it is a pleasure for them to meet new people, so do not hesitate to visit us.

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