Our 3 New Products Summer 2021 - Modular bags & accessories for dogs in leather

Discover the inspirations of our new available colors
on our shoulder bags & their belts as well as on our
dog accessories! ☀️🐕 

This summer, the ASTRÉ Paris collection is growing! 
3 new products including 2 new matchy colors
for women and their dogs!

Something to fill you up for your summer walks.☀️


N ° 1: Sage Green 

This color that reminds us of hot summer days, which we can't wait to find again. Find it on our 2MULDER & her belt


We wanted urban nature and GREEN in our lives, pbecause this year, more than ever, we needed something fresh, green, nature! 🍃

We wanted to find the new version of green which would bring us this feeling of well-being and serenity.

Pure color on smooth leather, for softness and elegance.

A color that reminds us of a grass so typical of Italian dishes that we love so much! 😍

Le Vert Sauge perfectly represents our France / Italy alliance.

No. 2: Champagne 

Because we miss the evenings, we wanted to offer festive-looking accessories. Find the Champagne color on our 2MULDER & her belt


A color that was close to our hearts because summer evenings
(and the whole year!) we miss... We wanted a bag that promises 
enchanted evenings with champagne! 🥂 

Our new golden leather will brighten up your outfits in all situations. ✨ 

In addition to being bright in color, it is very soft to the touch.

The metal parts, in a darker gold, give it a refined and precious side.

Champagne, a color that is in the continuity of our Galactic Silver, something to please all shiny fans! 😍

N°3: The Basket of Astrée 

In limited edition, a leather with a unique grain that reminds us of linen and wicker baskets. 🧺 Find this exceptional leather on our 2MULDER & her belt.


Wicker work and the softness of wheat have particularly inspired us this year!

It evokes the heat, the sun, the traditional know-how and the desire to stroll! 🌻 

Essentials for all our summers. At the market or on the seaside, there will always be a summer air near you with Le Panier d'Astrée. ✨


If you fell in love with one or more of our new products, Vert Sauge and Champagne are also available in the Le Dog line! 🐾

The Dog SS21
Find our harnesses, collars, leash & bag for walks in our 2 new summer colors, for walks in all elegance and match with your dog mom. 😉

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