Our road trips in Italy

Our road trips in Italy are always amazing times et tremendous excitement to pick up and discover a new collection. ✨

From the plane, to the workshop, through family moments and culinary delights, these are trips that we can't wait to take. Astrée goes there 3 to 4 times a year, for work or on vacation, especially every summer in August. When she goes there to look for a new collection, it's always a great moment to discover the culmination of months of research, creativity and development.

We will take you with us for a day...

11am | We usually arrive mid-morning at Florence. We take this opportunity to take a short tour of this city of a thousand colors and some leather suppliers.

13 p.m. | Lunch in our favorite little trattoria from the center of Florence, where we usually go for lunch on the first day. We often take the same, dgnocchi, a succulent Italian specialty.High quality Italian know-how, Italy cradle of leather goods

14:30 p.m. | We take a small train to reach the village where the workshop is located, near Florence. The trip takes about half an hour, which is not long.

15 p.m. | Once at the workshop, we waste no time and we start quality control and check each part. Astrée also takes the opportunity to spend time with artisans, discuss and share with them. The check can take a long time and sometimes takes several days. From time to time, we stay for dinner with them, between beers and pizzas for recharge your batteries and have a good time.High quality Italian craftsmanship, Florentine family workshop, manufacturing of handmade leather bags

20:30 p.m. | If Astrée doesn't finish the test too late, she has the joy of meeting her family or friends for a dinner at home or in a restaurant, and enjoying a good Italian dish, such as pasta with truffles. Italy cradle of leather goods, Florentine family workshop.

Astrée has always been close to Italy by her Tuscan-born godfather, with whom she spent her summers when she was younger, and his passion for leather goods. These road trips are an opportunity for her to relive Italian childhood moments. In addition, she takes her family with her to the workshop as often as possible because their opinions are essential for her.

As you can see, our road trips in Italy are full moments of joy that mark the evolution of ASTRÉ. For now, our workshops are still on stand by due to the current situation but we can't wait for them to open again to go look for the new collection and let you discover it...

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