Our 100% Modular Concept

Our collections are modular and modular, for fun leather goods that adapt to your desires and your creativity. We explain how!

Our collection STAR is composed of 4 modules: shoulder bag, mini shoulder bag, card holder and belt, to vary according to your needs.

All our parts are equipped with carabiners to clip the modules to each other. Thanks to this system, you can create your own bag combination, which best suits your personality.

With their light and small format, our modules work like a second skin and are easily camouflaged under a coat, which helps to ensure the safety of your precious contents.

The different wears of our iconic 2MulderModular and elegant luxury bag, different ways to travel with peace of mind

The Dog collection

Astrée wanted to create a collection in the image of what her dog represents for her and to have dog accessories adapted to urban life. This collection is made up of 3 modules, practical and chic pieces, perfect for urban duos. Collar, leash and walking bag, all the essential accessories for outings with your dog. 
Luxury accessories for dogs, leather collar, leather leash, leather walking bag
Like the ASTRÉ collection, the concept is the same. The accessories are equipped with carabiners, to assemble them as you wish.

Two interchangeable collections

Our two collections for humans and dogs are designed to be associated with each other, due to their similar design, the use of the same leathers and the same quality.

In addition, the modular concept is common to both collections. All the accessories are adorned with carabiners and can therefore be assembled together, by clipping the daypack to the belt for example. Enough to create matchy human/dog looks!
Modular and interchangeable luxury accessories, leather goods that adapt to urban life
Our concept is also yours. You can create your own bag yourself by choosing the modules you want and clipping them together.

It's your turn ! 


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