One accessory, many possibilities

Our accessories are modular, and allow a lot of different carrying optionsOur ASTRÉ and Le Dog collections can also team up to create unique accessories We vWe show how our modules can fit together!

Our belt
The basis of modularity

High-end leather belt, elegant and modular accessory

Our belt, like a jewel, is l'main element of all assemblies possible between our modules. All of our parts can be clipped onto it for tailor-made associations that match you.

STEP 1Choose the colour belt that you like the most or best suits your outfit.  We offer a multitude of color and leather choices that suit all tastes.

STEP 2Match the belt with the chain and wear it as jewelryOn a jacket, a coat or a dress, the belt can become the essential jewel to accessorize the outfit, like a necklace.

STEP 3: To create the belt bag, clip the 2Mulder of your choice to carry the essentials with you while freeing your movements. Silo total look uniform black gold, sor in two-tone! Dress up and have fun to vary the colors according to your desires to create unique looks.Elegant and modular bag, different ways for different styles

STEP 4: Break down your bag by playing with the other modules in our collection. By wearing the belt with the 1Mulder and the Porte-Carte. To wear together...

To wear together, or separately! 

Elegant and modular belt, luxury accessories for urban life STEP 5: You can also associate the models the dog on your belt. The walking bag can be clipped to your belt in order to have the necessary for your chic walks.

Elegant and modular belt bag, interchangeable accessories between humans and dogs

our leash
Bond between human and dog

Like the belt, our leash is le link between all our pieces from the dog collection and represents this special connection between a human and his dogOur accessories can be clipped on, to vary the worn and the colors, and make walks more pleasant.

STEP 1: Choose your favorite color to walk with your dog, matcher with a necklace and a walking bag or mismatching for a unique style.

STEP 2: Combine the leash with the walking bag, to be clipped at the cove, take the essentials of your dog during city walks. To wear on a classic leash or over the shoulder when you let go of your dog, for you free your hands.Leather leashes for city or urban walks

STEP 3: Our ASTRÉ and Le Dog collections are also modular with each other.All our accessories are designed to be put together and create dozens of combinations.The leash with the Card Holder or the 1Mulder, to carry your essentials.

Leather leashes for city walks, high-end accessories

It's your turn to create combinations!

We have shown you examples, but you can imagine your own assemblies according to your desires.

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