notre histoire


Astrée de Mulder, Parisian with Antwerp origins, is the founder and artistic director of ASTRÉ. After having worked several years for houses such asChloe, Berluti and Givenchy, she decides to concretize her influences and her vision of anew fun and modular leather goods.Astrée is inspired bycity ​​lifeand how women follow their daily journey. Combining know-how and modernity, his dream is to offer aelegant and luxurious leather goods that are our best companion. The ASTRÉ brand embodies these values ​​through accessorieshybrid, practicality, sense of freedom andhigh-end materials.


The LeDog by ASTRÉ line was born at the crossroads ofthe love of our luxury leather goods designer Astrée and her Bernese Mountain Dog Odin, his passion for leather and the desire to give him the best. Odin followed his mistress through all the stages of the creation of the ASTRÉ Paris accessories brand, and it was only natural that an element was missing that would bind them for life: a brand combining Astrée's vision for leather goods , available for dogs withcollars,leashesandride bagsin top-of-the-range leather. Odin left Astrée barely two months before the launch of the line and she wanted to do him honor by going through with this project. TodayPietra, Landseer has taken up the torch and is helping Astrée to pass on theircommon values, The Dog for Astrée.

our values

The essence of ASTRÉ is to highlight urban life and its diversity, by creating collections allowing everyone to give free rein to your personality.We are inspired by different perspectives on life, and how you express your uniqueness. We believe that it is necessary today to live in allfreedom of movementandchoice of accessories.We try to help you with our collections combining modularity, practicality and elegance.