Leather is a material full of life which evolves over time. When you store your parts, wrap them in the different pockets received during your acquisition in order to avoid scratches. Do not store them in plastic bags, which would prevent them from breathing and would stiffen the material.

How to maintain the shape of your bag?
To keep the perfect shape of your bag, we advise you to put back the tissue paper that is originally in your pieces because it is thought to have the shape of the inside of each bag.

What to do in case of bad weather?
All our leathers are treated to be water-repellent, allowing the rain to partly slide on the leather, but we recommend not exposing them to humidity for too long and covering them in case of showers.

How do I keep my bag shiny?
Clean dust with a soft cloth (especially on grained leathers). To restore its shine, apply a few drops of essential oil rather than cream which tends to mattify and modify the appearance of our accessories which basically have a semi-gloss finish.

Color variations, small marks or veins on the leathers are natural elements. They should not be considered as imperfections...


All our parts are made in food grade cowhide. The skins come from the best italian tanneries with the exception of our iconic black epi leather, which is unique because designed by Astrée de Mulder and produced in a parisian tannery. We want to ensure the quality of the leather, its longevity, its treatment that respects the environment and also respects the conditions of animal husbandry. 


All our smooth leathers are said to be "full grain" and of the best quality. the full grain leather is a leather having kept its upper surface intact. It is the area of ​​the skin with the highest fiber density, which makes it a resistant and soft material. Avoid contact with water, grease, perfumes or cosmetics, prolonged exposure to heat or intense light sources. We advise you to take care not to scratch it in contact with abrasive surfaces, on smooth leather the marks are much more easily visible.


All our leathers grained are made by the technique of embossing (hot press), to give them a perfect relief. We have three different types of grained leathers: our new Mandarine Orange and Perla Gray colors with small square grains, our flagship Grained Khaki and Persian Blue colors with round grains and our Black grained ears unique, brand specific, with small grains reminiscent of grains of rice. This leather, both matte and shiny, brings a textured effect to the bag. To maintain grained leather, remove any impurities that may have become embedded in the grains, using a soft damp cloth or a drop of soap. essential oil, to restore its shine.

Our Epi Grained Leather, Our signature

ASTRÉ has ​​designed its own grained leather ears, in a desire to create a unique and brand specific. It was developed by a tanner in the heart of Paris, longtime partner of Astrée during her career in the luxury homes.   Once the grain has been embossed (hot pressed) on the leather, a varnish is applied with a brush to the outer face of the ears to accentuate the textured effect of the leather and its shine, for a meticulous finish. These small grains are reminiscent of grains of rice and are random, so each of our pieces are unique.


To keep all the shine of our leather and the naturalness, even on amazing colors, we wanted a light treatment which allows the original surface to retain its original effect. This leather is therefore little covered on the surface in order to let all its natural beauty and the grain of full-grain leather shine through, which makes it unique. Due to its lighter treatment, we advise you to take care not to scratch it in contact with abrasive surfaces and to pay more attention to your nails in order to prevent it from marking too quickly.


All LeDog by ASTRÉ accessories are made of 100% leather. They require a special care. To avoid any scratches or bites from your dog, we advise you to store your accessories in the pouches provided with your purchase. All our leathers are treated to be water-repellent, however, avoid prolonged contact with water.