Astrée de Mulder, originally from Paris, imagines high-end collections adapted to urban life. She creates practical and elegant formats, allowing the freedom of our movements.

Collections are created to transform into simplicity and function like a second skin. A tailor-made "mini" and a optimal security of our valuable content in urban settings.

Through numerous possibilities of wear, each piece is designed to adapt to your changing personality and your daily life, because every day is different. 


All ASTRÉ accessories are designed to be associated with each other, by clipping them to each other, thanks to a carabiner system. Create your own composition as close as possible to your style and your desires.
Associate, Unassociate, Clip and create your own version of the bag that will accompany you as a second skin in your urban adventures. Our shoulder bag 2MULDER, offered with its chain, can be combined with the La Rotonde belt or our leather shoulder strap and offers a infinity of worn. As a Parisian, Astrée wanted to create elegant but also practical accessories for urban life. All our collections are designed for you. keep your valuable content safe. Here are our wear recommendations, but many have invented other options!


The women's and dog collections are the reflection of the link between Astrée and Pietra, and their urban life. They represent both elegance and practicality, which is the daily lifestyle of the pair in Paris. These two collections are completely MATCHY thanks to the use of the same leathers and similar metal parts. the backpack can be clipped to belt for women/men or leash. The leash, clipped onto itself, can be used as a shoulder strap for the stroller bag, like a piece of leather goods in its own right. Our dearest wish is to give free rein to your needs and your inspiration, depending on your look desires.