Live a unique experience !

1st bespoke dog harness service

Or? In our Parisian shop or in video ✨

How? During an appointment, we have you try on our harness bases and take the exact measurements of your dog for perfect comfort. If you don't have the opportunity to move, we offer video appointments during which we guide you to take measurements.

Why? because body types are all different and unique, it was essential for us to offer this service for intermediate sizes.

For which dogs? We start from the basic sizes XS/S and S/M, i.e. from mini to medium (from Chihuahua to Jack Russel)

The + Share a unique experience with your dog and have a unique accessory.

The extra: All our models are developed with a canine osteopath to best suit your dogs. An H shape which frees up the shoulders, practicality of wearing thanks to three rings to attach the leash, adaptable thanks to three points of adjustment of the size and a quick opening on the stomach side.

Harnais personnalisable chien Harnais en cuir kaki Collection LeDog Couleur Vert kaki pièces métalliques dorées Cuir Chiens Bouledogue Berger Australien Chihuahua Cocker Golden Pomeranian teckel Shiba, Personnalisez votre harnais, choisissez le cuir et les pièces métalliques de votre choix


order your harness and choose your size

Determine which base size would fit your dog (XS/S or S/M). Pre-order the selected size as a regular order. Thereafter, we will contact you within 24/48 hours to organize the appointment to take measurements in store or video.


Appointment in store or video

The appointment with the creator of ASTRÉ represents a unique experience, an encounter. We take the time necessary to take all the measures. We also offer you the choice of the leather you want present in the LeDog by ASTRÉ collection as well as the choice of gold or silver metal parts.


Manufacturing made in Paris

It is in our Parisian workshop that our harnesses are made. Nazanin, the workshop manager, assembles all the parts of the harness by hand to the exact measurements of your dog. The average time is 3 to 4 weeks.


handing over the harness

Once ready, we resume an appointment in store for the final fitting of the tailor-made harness and you leave with it!

If you are not in Paris, we send it to you and perform the final fitting in video to make sure that all the measurements are correct and that your dog is perfectly comfortable in his pretty harness :)